No fails: Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, among the more ‘retuiteados’ year – Europa Press

MADRID, 15 Dec. (Portaltic/EP)-

In the top 10 list of the most ‘retuiteado’ have been strained characters with more success in the network that already highlighted in Google or YouTube as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Stephen Colbert. Also the oil in the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe has gained importance within the social network ‘microblogging’ Twitter.

First place was for a character from the American television, Stephen Colbert (@ StephenAtHome), according to points on its official blog network. His ironic ‘tweet’ on the oil spill have turned him into the King of the tweet more retuiteado. The co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone personally handed this award on his show The Colbert Report.

The most successful international singers are occupying more posts on this list. Musicians like Drizzy Drake (@ drakkardnoir) or Lil’ Wayne (@ liltunechi), take the silver and bronze, respectively.

According to the blog Twitter, singer Justin Bieber (@ justinbieber) had to settle for fourth place, in spite of the fascination that causes among adolescents. Obviously, he is mentioned much as ‘hastag’ but is it ‘retuitea’ little.

(Also Joe Jonas(@joejonas), famous ‘Jonas Brothers’ band-mate and Rihanna (@ rihanna) have appeared in the top 10, the sixth and ninth place of this particular list.

Gaga Lady (@ rihanna) and rapper Kanye West (@ kanyewest) are other personalities devoted to the music you slip in the list of Twitter. The non-combustible Lady Gaga has positioned in seventh place, while singer rapper occupies the eighth.

Parody and humor are a key to success in Twitter, according to the official blog of the network. Therefore, a user registered as @ AlQaeda has placed fifth in the most ‘retuiteado’. Meanwhile, the words of @ shitmydadsays have completed this top at number 10.

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