Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy-Indie-Rock .it

GENRE: hip-hop.

PROTAGONISTS: Kanye Omari West, in the company of many guests.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Kanye West certainly knows how to speak of himself, during his career has reached a media power somewhat exaggerated, every initiative becomes the subject of discussion of talk shows and journalistic articles, to the point that almost forget that great musician in fact is: we face an artist who created basic disks for the evolution of hip-hop mainstream of the last decade as ‘ The College Dropout ‘ (2004) and ‘ Late Registration ‘ (2005). But, basically, this is really of mainstream? More than any other character of current commercial scene, Kanye West has proven to be above the attractions of easy success. Even when, after a hard transition as ‘ Graduation ‘ (2008), had turned to a meager electro-pop with ‘ 808s & Heartbreak ‘ (2008), everything seemed except that seek a compromise of ranking. And now, after a year to create a wait out for the new album (first posting a song a week in its now note series ‘ G.O.O.D. Fridays ‘, then the launch of the beautiful musical-Runaway movie ‘ ‘), finally we can get back to talking about what Kanye does best, i.e. the music.

INGREDIENTS: to describe a disc so epic, glitzy, breathtaking? It is almost difficult to sort ideas: ‘ My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ‘ is an album by cutting monumental, producing nothing short of impressive. There is such a variety of ideas, such naturalness in the range from one genre to another, a range of feelings expressed so vast, that you remain dumbfound, speechless. Kanye West typically we had become accustomed to a certain minimalism, such intimate lighting atmospheres; This album marks a maximalist explosion instead, one puts his ambition, that (miracle!) knows no significant decline. Reviewers are all in great shape, starting with Nicky Minaj, author of fantastic towards final Monster ‘ ‘, real manual play-acting applied to hip-hop. And what about Pusha T (former Clipse) whose slo-rap present in ‘ So AppalledRunaway ‘ and ‘ we will move, we know already, for quite a while? And then there’s him, Jay-Z, bad and panting like always. But the real protagonist is indisputably Kanye West: this is his show staff, his “show impossible” (on paper) that rises at Arte hip-hop. Last minute purists say that actually Kanye is not a great rapper, its flow is not commensurate with legends like: preliminary to sweep these criticisms would suffice alone ‘ Power ‘ (which contains a sample of ‘ 21st Century Schizoid Man ‘ of King Crimson), already an anthem of the 21st century, a paranoid reflection on modern society, always toned unnecessary illusions, while out there the world is full awry. And then, for the whole record there are arrangements outside the norm, which cannot be reduced to simple ‘ pop-rap ‘: classical guitars, violins, sweethearts toll plan hypnotics, fanfare … Finally I beat you, always original and incisors, and samples more than ever guesses (particularly the soul of ‘ Devil In A New Dress ‘ and shooting ‘ Avril 14th ‘ Aphex Twin in ‘ Blame Game ‘).

DENSITY OF QUALITY: pull out the word masterpiece direct drive can be hurried, but currently is almost impossible to find a disk that maintains such consistency and quality for over 70 minutes (not only in the panorama hip-hop). Really many elements that make up the album: you can trace a line soul, present in splendid opener ‘ Dark Fantasy ‘ (with RZA beat worthy of and with the choir memorable “Can we get much higher?”), in riot ‘ cosmic ‘ of ‘ Devil In A New Dress ‘ (with a very hard toward final by Rick Ross, in the midst of soul assoloni and choirs) and in an heartbreaking ‘ Blame Game ‘, amara reflection on a love story ended with a betrayal. Kanye offers also a bunch of bad songs and rugged as the abovementioned Power ‘ ‘ and ‘ Monster ‘, with ‘ Hell Of A Life ‘ (riff synth-funk, flow raw and refrain that seems to come out from ‘ 808s & Heartbreak ‘). Amidst the rap filtrate ‘ Gorgeous ‘ (with an accusatory text against a company that fails to get rid of old prejudices racist) and the atmospheric ‘ So Appalled ‘, with evocative estranging choir and synth. Finally, three songs push more mainstream side: the epic and enthralling ‘ All Of The Lights ‘ (with a flood of guests, among which is Rihanna), the now famous Runaway ‘ ‘ (presented in a version from 9 minutes, provided the last 3 consist of an ingenious ‘ solo ‘ al vocoder) and the final ‘ Lost In The World ‘, that starting from a sample of ‘ Woods ‘ of Bon Iver explodes into a feast of sounds and colours. Looks almost need to listen to the disc in his order of tracklist, this is consequentiality that binds the individual episodes. At the end of all that is the feeling of having listened to a future classic hip-hop, and one of the best discs of the year. There are many other things to say, but it’s best to leave the rest to the surprise of the audience. Personally, I think back to what you feel insurmountable for Kanye disks as ‘ The College Dropout ‘ or ‘ Late Registration ‘, and instead here’s that will set a new great milestone. And, knowing God, there is a bet that either this is the final.

SPEED: 70 minutes and not hear them.

TEXT: lots of incredible, we choose this phrases: “disguising it ourselves as secret lovers we’ve become public enemies/We walk away like strangers in the street/Gone for eternity/We erased one another so far from where we came”, from ‘ Blame Game ‘.

DECLARATION: “I heard someone worry that most of the songs on the disk were already known: but no, you haven’t heard these songs”.

SITE: ‘ kanyewest.com ‘.

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