Drake Strives To Make Albums Like Kanye West

Drake Says He Strives To Make Albums Like Kanye WestDrake hopes to achieve the level of quality Kanye reaches with his albums

It isn’t often that albums live up to their hype anymore. Considering the hype surrounding Kanye’s fifth album, it is remarkable the near unanimous love My Beautiful Dark Twisted Family has received. Virtually every major publication has given the album a perfect or near perfect rating. This is the kind of response that Drake wants to receive when he creates a new album.

“Kanye put together a great album. It’s a really solid project. I think people had so much time to sit with the songs, that it threw them off a little bit when the album came out and so many of those songs were already on it,” Drake told The Source. “But at the same time, when you get that project and you can imagine getting all those songs on one day and we didn’t have to deal with the power of leaks and internet stuff. I definitely understand why people hold that album at such high regard. It’s a great project and it’s definitely given me something to strive for, because perfect scores are hard to come by nowadays and I’ve seen a lot of them on that album. That definitely lets me know what I’m gunning for on this next project.”

Drake is preparing his sophomore album, which he said will be called Take Care. The Toronto native has sought out 9th Wonder and DJ Premier for production. The LP is expected in 2011.

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