Kanye West Album Review

On the second track off of Kanye West’s highly anticipated fifth solo album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” he poses the question: “Is hip-hop just a euphemism for a new religion?” If the answer is yes, then I name West the pope of this religion.

West takes the listener on a journey charged with electro beats and high fashion references, but still manages to exude the feeling of the original era of hip hop. The 13 tracks seem to be the best compilation of work hip-hop has heard since “The Black Album” released by Jay-Z in 2003. West shows his versatility from the nine-minute homage to scumbags in “Runaway,” to the sincere, heartfelt love letter in “Blame Game.”

“Lost In the World” has an eclectic combination of sounds and stands apart from the other, already genius, songs on the CD. It begins with a sampling from “Lost In The Woods “by Bon Iver and adds drums reminiscent of a tribal club song. This song is different from the others because West only raps sixteen bars in four and a half minutes, but still manages to deliver an outstanding sound. This track segues into a sample from the commentary of the stimulating revolutionary poet Gil Scott-Heron.

West continues to push the envelope as an artist in this album and breaks all barriers of what a rapper should do or talk about. His unconventional style of creating music and delivering his art has landed him in a position to make his dark twisted fantasies a living, vivid reali

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