Lil B The Based God Says ‘God Bless Kanye West

By Alvin Blanco

Lil B the Based God’s brand of hip-hop might be polarizing, but everyone can agree that he gives an entertaining interview. Vibe caught up with the enigmatic, California-based rapper and discussed everything from hoping to work with latest Roc Nation signee Jay Electronica and why he’s better than the entire G.O.O.D. Music roster to teaming up with recent “RapFix Live” visitor Soulja Boy. Never one to be inhibited in his rhymes, his answers to interview questions follow suit.

Not long ago, Lil B infamously stated the he would sodomize Kanye West if he didn’t get a chance to work with the rapper/producer. Luckily for West, he seems to have had a change of heart.

“What’s funny is that before I made that comment, I forgot that he posted one of my videos on his blog,” said Lil B when asked about his comment. “God bless Kanye. He posted ‘Swag OD,’ the song I did with Soulja Boy. I just forgot about that. Bottom line is I really just want to work with him and do some production for him. No one on earth is doing what I’m doing and time will prevail. I ain’t going to rush nothing. But he knows I respect him and his artistic ability. One day it will happen, he know I got love for him.”

Lil B is so full of love in general that he said he sometimes cries when making his music, which is quite prolific.

“Yeah, it brings tears to my eyes,” he admitted. “I’m just so happy to be here. There’s so much behind my music. This isn’t just rapping, this is deeper. I’m doing this for the love and for life, so people can grow. I want things to change and for progression in music. I produced, composed, and rapped on the first ambient rap album in hip-hop and that was last year. I got 1,200 songs. I released 900 freestyles last year, all for free. It’s like I have reasons to feel this way.”

The Based God also doesn’t lack confidence.

“If I would have gotten on the ‘Monster’ track with Nicki, Jay, and Kanye, I would have had the best verse,” Lil boasted. “I know what Nicki’s doing. She’s shining. I won’t tell too many secrets of the rap game, but you can rap or you can shine. I can do anything. Put me on a G.O.O.D. Friday mega mix with all the artists in the game, and I’ll have the best verse. And I respect and love all of them. But, lyrically I’ll have the best one. I’ve been waiting.”

Lil B concluded the interview by saying he could best describe himself as an amalgamation of Lady Gaga, Phil Collins, Rick James, Canibus, MF Doom, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Lil Wayne and the rap version or Prince. We told you this guy was entertaining.

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